Usher ft. Rick Ross - Lemme See (Official Video)
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Usher, baby
I hear you, yeah
Rock with me
Fuck with me
Hey girl, I'm debating if I should take you home
Should I take you home?
I don't mean to keep you waiting
But I just gotta know
If you're ready
She says she wanna take her skirt off
Be my guest!
I decided to take my shirt off
And show my chest!
And we been sipping on that Merlot
So you know what's next
Working intermissions, switching positions
We so explicit oh!
You've been saying all night long
That you couldn't wait to get me all alone
What you gon' do to me
Don't talk about it, be about it
Let me see, let me see, let me see
Girl, I can't wait to get you home
Talk a good game mate, come on
Holler 'bout what you gon' do to me
Quit talkin' about it, be about it
Let me see, let me see, let me see
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  • Kev Breezy
    Kev Breezy

    Rick Ross verse is pure heat

  • Devin's Deadwhistle
    Devin's Deadwhistle

    High quality MV in seven years ago👍

  • Richard moore
    Richard moore

    All the way from Acapulco Guerrero Mexico anyone listening on 40tine? May 30th 2020

  • Melissa Niemann
    Melissa Niemann

    Usher was carved by Angel's I been watching all his videos and I will watch them all over again. His music , the lyrics ... AWESOMENESS

  • The_original_ Lyrics
    The_original_ Lyrics

    When life use to make sense 😢😢

  • Anthony Marel
    Anthony Marel

    Urrr Bluffingggg bluffingggg

  • Naima Clayton
    Naima Clayton

    What are random lyrics you yell out

    • Naima Clayton
      Naima Clayton

      Don’t talk about it be about it let me see😲

  • tamil ulagam
    tamil ulagam

    I m from malaysia any??😉

  • DStreet


  • Lawrence Omanya
    Lawrence Omanya

    Rickross never disappoints✨✨

  • Arzu Dala
    Arzu Dala

    28.05.2020 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="37">00:37</a> Usher babbby!

  • Banele Christopher
    Banele Christopher

    20th 🔥🔥🔥

  • Danziel Taylor
    Danziel Taylor

    No disrespect to usher but r.kelly jodice silk htown ruled the early 90 if you recall usher didn't sell over 10,000 copy of his first album in 93

  • EDD BURST Official
    EDD BURST Official

    May 2020 still fire this song

  • Tsering Rithar
    Tsering Rithar

    One of my fav song till now also

  • Stephanie L.
    Stephanie L.

    Don't talk about it be your body baby! -Usher those are some real lyrics

  • Linma Samayoa B
    Linma Samayoa B

    Makes me remember a beautiful black woman that I used to go with ; her name: Peggy B. Thomas

  • Lisa Cammarata
    Lisa Cammarata

    Yes take y shirt off

  • Toheeb Adeshina
    Toheeb Adeshina

    My favorite usher song

  • Маулен М
    Маулен М

    Still cool thing in 2020...! Salam aleikum from Qazaqstan!

  • MAGA cash money
    MAGA cash money

    Usher Raymond went in on this one.

  • MAGA cash money
    MAGA cash money

    This song slaps

  • Arisben I Am
    Arisben I Am

    Oh shit ! My man Ushhhhhhhhhhh ! Still love this song in 2020 ! 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Edson Mateus
    Edson Mateus


  • Edson Mateus
    Edson Mateus


  • Thicckness

    Covid-19 Quarantine brought me back here!!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  • Lisa Cammarata
    Lisa Cammarata

    Still Love this song

  • Jimmy Hawke
    Jimmy Hawke

    if u ready?

  • Haffisha Sattaur
    Haffisha Sattaur

    Usher baby

  • Kisha Harris
    Kisha Harris

    Whats up usher this Kissha what's up.

  • N Max
    N Max

    I love Usher,dammit😍

  • Ayesha H
    Ayesha H

    The intro verse reminds me of Fantasias song. Whose with me?

  • Carollynn Usher Nando Malachovski Raymond
    Carollynn Usher Nando Malachovski Raymond

    I Carollynn is still in love with my husband Usher Raymond we are empty out his address 501 Warren Street Roxbury Mass 02120 register in Boston City Hall under Martin J Walsh ours Teamsters Secret Service

  • Liscell Powell
    Liscell Powell

    Long live the "King of R&B"👏👏👏

  • Jeet Singh
    Jeet Singh

    You know, you have to come back to these songs ,when you don't have good music and singing these days .

  • Sameer Nelson
    Sameer Nelson

    Good stuff

  • wajida lett
    wajida lett

    I forgot the name Took me two monthes to find it.. ..Totally worth it

  • R Wilson
    R Wilson

    This album was so slept he had bangers on this one.

  • Empress Libra923
    Empress Libra923


  • Raven Evans
    Raven Evans

    this song never gets old fr it still the best!! :)

  • Aja B
    Aja B

    Usher snapped on this 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nem Mello
    Nem Mello

    🎶🎶🎶🎶 braba

  • ampaire josephk
    ampaire josephk

    Dopest collabo

  • ThatGuy


  • Liberated Goddess
    Liberated Goddess

    Quaratine brung me here Thanks #2020

  • Lisa Cammarata
    Lisa Cammarata

    You Love it yep

  • Lisa Cammarata
    Lisa Cammarata

    Hottest video

  • Lisa Cammarata
    Lisa Cammarata

    Usher Baby YEA

  • Jill Hill
    Jill Hill

    Mr Ross I need your help before I get get up

  • Shiraz S.
    Shiraz S.

    so many babies created to this song......including my own :D

  • Lusungu Mhlanga
    Lusungu Mhlanga

    Quarantining with the good good... This was the real deal 😍

  • Auni Lewis
    Auni Lewis

    Trading places and lemme see 😍😩

    • Andrea Roppel
      Andrea Roppel

      + Dive 🔥🔥🔥

  • Showboy Tizzy
    Showboy Tizzy

    Yeah we need to pause sometimes to reflect, and look back what we use to have and don't have😍😍😍

  • umarmuhammad ramalan
    umarmuhammad ramalan

    So rocking mama mosa

  • Chris Sunshine
    Chris Sunshine


  • -Zoko Zoko !-
    -Zoko Zoko !-

    _Lemme see._

  • McDonald Matt
    McDonald Matt

    From Usher vevo

  • Alexis

    Feel like chris brown wrote this

  • eric azar
    eric azar

    The whole song their talking about sex and Rick Ross couldn't say Chronic?

  • Cadeau Official
    Cadeau Official

    Quarantine song


    Ursher still smashing it banger!!!!!ursher

  • Exaucée Olembo
    Exaucée Olembo


  • Katelyn H
    Katelyn H


  • Loreanna Bobbitt
    Loreanna Bobbitt

    Social distance 💦

  • cash the dash
    cash the dash

    He like in his mid 40’s and I’m 15 and for some reason I think he is so 🔥

    • Andrea Roppel
      Andrea Roppel

      Usher is the most handsome artist I know 😊🤩 and on this video he looks extremely 🔥🔥 Btw he's 41😉

  • Alena Žebírko
    Alena Žebírko


  • iStan iBridges
    iStan iBridges

    This is good

  • Queen Ariies
    Queen Ariies

    Idk to me Rick Ross's part is the 💣💣💣

  • Lisa Cammarata
    Lisa Cammarata

    My jam cause he so sexy in this Video

    • Andrea Roppel
      Andrea Roppel

      I feel the same 😊🔥🔥🔥

  • Issac Davis
    Issac Davis

    Love this song still

  • Sanusi Usman
    Sanusi Usman

    [Rick Ross rap verse] Got on all my ice, talkin' cash shit Been balling all my life, Lamborghini's, fast whips She down to ride and Deserves a boss who down to provide We run the streets but on G5's, I'm talkin' fly Boots and blue jeans, Cartier, newer rings You with a big boy, so we do the big things Had the valet park it, Chanel hoodie on Looking like Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman on warning She on my morning poster, Ciroc in my mimosa I'm ballin' like Lebron, We shoppin' in Milan The 458 Ferrari, I park it on the lawn I let her meet my tongue, She blew up like a bomb The sex is so explosive, her stuff is supersonic She my new addiction, I swear I'm through with chronic Rozay and Usher Raymond, girl we the hottest Rocking the most ice, I said we the hottest You've been saying all night long That you couldn't wait to get me all alone What you gon' do to me Don't talk about it, be about it Let me see, let me see, let me see Girl, I can't wait to get you home Talk a good game mate, come on Holler 'bout what you gon' do to me Quit talkin' 'bout it, be about it Let me see, let me see, let me see You're bluffin' I believe dat Its all or nothin' Lemme see ,uh Bluffin' You're scared , you're scared Usher baby Its all or nothin' So lemme see ya

  • TVeeTime

    Oh man this brought back memories when this came on mtv 2 !! It was the sexiest, sweetest beat to make love to my ears at that time! 2012 had some SONGS!

  • Omoniyi Kareem
    Omoniyi Kareem

    This song is one of all evergreen

  • Storm

    She down to ride, she deserve a man who provide... boss talk

  • Ladon Singleton
    Ladon Singleton

    And we been sipping on that Merlot 😎😎

  • AMJYfetdStGoroHSBSilerdocPuertoKetjen Dopestrapdt
    AMJYfetdStGoroHSBSilerdocPuertoKetjen Dopestrapdt

    I Jayam Belg-Antwerpenaar Even evi Azian or 1/2of Asia knows me..come on gees This very 2ndweek of march 2020 I have had non but arrested as they allways start with., sneakin up on me with 3or4cars acting viciously trying to catch your attention wit dema Identy controls just as 3encounters..with gues who,?shouts my name mutiple times in de streets to catch evy body's attention after I've gave them me card, these are boys&girls whom nah respect black kids called de politieVan antwerpen..? Just becsuse monsiouer, yes me was just walkin ina de streets, and yes like allways people surroundet when they've aggressed me again&threw me in an alluminium cel in luchtbal north-antwerp Stole my buspass&screwdriver

  • Jamaal Muhammed
    Jamaal Muhammed

    She was like adorable magic

  • Jamaal Muhammed
    Jamaal Muhammed

    This song is the bomb........shit was and still is .....

  • Mokeira Edith
    Mokeira Edith

    Jamming to this over and over again