We would love to hear Some Good News and share it with the world. Hosted by @JohnKrasinski #SomeGoodNews

  • Universe Hole
    Universe Hole

    This is the only news show I'll ever watch


    I just finished the office

  • Renee Piccoli
    Renee Piccoli

    Best wedding ever

  • Brandon Cox
    Brandon Cox

    Oh Jimothy

  • Neal Berkey
    Neal Berkey

    I was afraid that this was the last episode.

  • Carol Wald
    Carol Wald

    The magic of this show was the spontaneous participation of people all over the world. You have deeply disappointed us by monetizing what these people contributed for your own gain. I hope at minimum you will donate the proceeds of the sale of the show.

  • Deee S
    Deee S

    Krasinski was doing this for cash the whole time.

  • Deee S
    Deee S


  • Angee P
    Angee P

    Best show EVERRRR!!! Thank you so much!!

  • that guy
    that guy

    Rip sgn

  • Alexander Mulhall
    Alexander Mulhall

    Jack Ryan guest appearance on Space Force

  • Ziggy Doom
    Ziggy Doom

    Love conquers all.

  • Amir Mahdi
    Amir Mahdi

    Absolutely amazing. I’m graduating too

  • Kim seliga
    Kim seliga

    Tears of happiness every single time. Great job!!!

  • Roger R
    Roger R

    Wait there’s only 3 Jonas Brothers?!

  • Lord Diabeto
    Lord Diabeto

    Just imagine if Twomad crashed the meeting💀💀

  • Bennetta Jefferson
    Bennetta Jefferson

    Never realized dean from station 19 was in the cast 😱

  • Felicia Rehm
    Felicia Rehm

    John we need SGN now more than ever!!!

  • kagnomi

    Please come back John!! We need SGN now more than ever!!

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones

    Please, please keep making these right now. If we ever needed to keep an eye on the brightside, it was now.

  • Yumiko Scoville
    Yumiko Scoville

    this girl is the luckiest human on earth.

  • Yoshi24

    Some Indiana love, we usually get forgotten

  • Gauthier

    Wow, does this cast ever age ? A part from Steve Carrel grey hair, they didn't change that much !

  • Madison Robinson
    Madison Robinson

    I love this so much, I’ve watched this so many times. ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Eric Hargis
    Eric Hargis

    John, thanks for what you put together here. I'm not going to follow the show to its new owners. Doubt you and your wife need the money. If I was your PR person I would suggest donate it to covid-19 relief. All that being said, thanks. It was wondering during a tough time.

  • Yer Girl Sarah
    Yer Girl Sarah

    She got married in a Dwight shirt

  • Emily Lake
    Emily Lake

    Hey I am getting messaged supposedly by you on Instagram is this true are you messaging me right now

  • Thischannelismyne

    With the week we have just had, I have to say we need SGN even more. Love this show, love you.

  • Jessica Howerton
    Jessica Howerton

    I want to be in the zoom where it happened ;)

  • AeroTheSpaceHorse

    Come back, please!

  • Sabrina Diehl
    Sabrina Diehl

    Thank you!

  • Mindy Wong
    Mindy Wong

    @sgn can you make an episode featuring kind and wonderful people of color to remind our nation that our black and brown neighbors are not dangerous villains?

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      Sou do Brasil ia me casar durante a pandemia e estou chorando com esse casamento.

  • Omer Asim
    Omer Asim

    John: we can't play this song unless I don't invite my family . Ladies and gentlemen the office . . . . Everyone liked that :)

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      Ai que saudade The Office ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Elsa Earl
    Elsa Earl

    Who is this girl SHES SOO LUCKY

  • Raul Guerra
    Raul Guerra

    This channel is so wholesome and awesome. Keep up the awesomeness. SGN!!!!😁

  • Haha haha
    Haha haha


  • Edgar Alain Flotte
    Edgar Alain Flotte

    Best show ever!!!

  • Connie Taylor
    Connie Taylor

    These episodes have been some highlights of this ... stay at home time.

  • Al Feld
    Al Feld

    The beginning with Emily Blunt is hilarious

  • Eunice De Castro
    Eunice De Castro

    Did Jasmine Cephas Jones and Anthony Ramos shoot on different rooms? Or dis Anthony get kicked out?

    • Hans Michael Fanunal
      Hans Michael Fanunal

      Different rooms probably

  • B Lusk
    B Lusk

    Plz do a show with Betty white 😁😁😁😁😁she would make alot of smiles take place

  • Viara Roma
    Viara Roma


  • Vandad Westman
    Vandad Westman

    I know why Dwight hit that dude : he wanted to ruin jim's show 😹😹😹😹

  • Neha Lakhmani
    Neha Lakhmani

    Beautiful. ❤️❤️

  • ashleylalala

    Im so impressed right now with John krasinski

  • Alex Ochoa
    Alex Ochoa

    I dont appreciate how you're holding off on releasing "A quiet place 2" if it's money your worried about, release it for "pay per view" or something, why hold off because we can't go to a theater?

    • Alex Ochoa
      Alex Ochoa

      @Violet Night My message was for John, not you

    • Violet Night
      Violet Night

      Bruh... Its not up to you, it's up to them. You do realize they also need to edit/fix up the film and act?

  • Alix Txé
    Alix Txé

    Krasinski, you quit/sold-out too early. Right now we would love you to uplift the American spirit... right now more than ever!! Come back and remind people the goodness we can be!

  • Chris Spiers
    Chris Spiers

    I will miss watching SGN.😢😢

  • Soumik Ganguly
    Soumik Ganguly

    Plz guys come back...The best series ever...

  • Rick Elizondo
    Rick Elizondo

    Just came here to say this guy a sellout

  • Jayj Cubero
    Jayj Cubero

    John krasinski is the best human in the world.

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      I started bawling when the cast came on. This was beautiful

  • Leanne Golliher
    Leanne Golliher

    This show was a blessing and encouragement to us all. Thank you John and Emily and your girls. Godbless you all!

  • Voltaire Gaming
    Voltaire Gaming

    ...Never complain about internet quality again... Dial up's still a thing?!?

  • Cedric Henderson
    Cedric Henderson


  • Adam B.
    Adam B.

    I love his Stash

  • fxdeSZN

    John, we need you.

  • Taryn Benak
    Taryn Benak

    the new most iconic thing looking to the side when the last beat strikes but a huge thank you for the cast this is amazing

  • Hannah Roy
    Hannah Roy


  • Landen Carter
    Landen Carter

    John can you please post something about what’s going on cities are burning and their riots everywhere America is not doing so well

  • Sophia Wilkinson
    Sophia Wilkinson

    I think this my favourite marige i hope they stay together forever

  • Asuka ofLain
    Asuka ofLain

    Agree on me or not this news is a lot better then any other news including CNN.

  • Sophia Wilkinson
    Sophia Wilkinson

    I actualy think this was the best quarentine show

  • Lally Gallegos
    Lally Gallegos

    I love Hamilton. My favorite song is satisfied

  • Petershmirtz

    15:41 lol Rainn wth, you nailed that kick 😂😂

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo

      Surely, I can't be the only one crying like a little girl

  • Brandon Wells
    Brandon Wells

    I would die if that was me

  • Bill Karnes
    Bill Karnes

    John, where are you??? We miss you and I know I'm not the only one going through "withdrawal". You bring smiles and happy tears to so many people!

  • Phantom sniper
    Phantom sniper

    I needed this. Thank you

  • Bailey Slaughter
    Bailey Slaughter

    John! You should do a video on the office conspiracy theories!

  • Audrea Moreira
    Audrea Moreira

    oi sou do brasil e adoro the office

  • LaKraven Studios
    LaKraven Studios

    Sold to a network for paywall streaming? Wow. Just... wow! Unsubbed

  • Kerns_ Deathwish
    Kerns_ Deathwish

    0:22 Bro he literally sounds like Michael

  • g d
    g d


  • AllieMDA

    I can't even watch this anymore. Thank you everyone involved in this; I see there are a lot of fans who can appreciate the entire show while I slump down into a corner crying. It's breaking my heart. The weather report really made me break down. Thank you on behalf of the non-losers who can watch this and find comfort and cry a little less maybe. I'm not sure what level of crying I'm supposed to be at but I made it to 6.20 before I had to pause. *I did make it through the first 5 of these. Maybe I should take the title at its word, and take in only SOME at a time - alternating with All Bad News. Everything in moderation.

  • Jay Rambo
    Jay Rambo

    John, we need you now more than ever. I know you sold SGN, and I completely understand your decision. But right now, our country is burning, and it doesn't show any signs of stopping. Please, one more. Just one more episode to give us a reason not to give into the hate and violence plaguing our cities. One more to give us hope. The country needs to know that we have not completely lost our humanity. Love and compassion are far more powerful than violence and hate. Whatever your decision, I'm behind you, because you started something that can never be forgotten, and the impact can never be denied. Thank you for everything

  • Darnell Meyers
    Darnell Meyers

    Just want to say THANK YOU! You are an inspiration. I wish I could hug you

  • Payton Splittgerber
    Payton Splittgerber

    Space force is amazing if no one has seen it yet with Steve Carrol

  • Carolyn Worthington
    Carolyn Worthington

    Goosebumps and tears. Again.

  • jane bida
    jane bida

    As far as I'm concerned SGN is John Krasinski, his talent, his compassion, and his humor. I have no interest in watching a show without him hosting.

  • SemSalCional

    Ai que saudade The Office ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jin J
    Jin J

    Aww he's tearing up. Thanks so much for this show John. We appreciate you and all you've done to keep our spirits high. This show will be missed ♥️

  • Alison Nowack
    Alison Nowack

    See, Amy's brother is the best. That's why his picture is on the mantle.

  • Rob B
    Rob B

    The Office The Movie?

  • Wayne Johnston
    Wayne Johnston

    Just received the greatest news in the world today! I took my MacBook Pro down to the Apple Store for the very first time since I’ve purchased it off eBay. It was etched Dunder Mifflin and advertised as being used for the office. Guess who the original owner is... 😁. I’d there a way to get ahold of John Krasinski?

  • Marcela Lahaud
    Marcela Lahaud

    Sou do Brasil ia me casar durante a pandemia e estou chorando com esse casamento.

  • Bhavya Reddy
    Bhavya Reddy


  • Bhavya Reddy
    Bhavya Reddy


  • Samantha Sanderson
    Samantha Sanderson

    Things like this make my heart happy and my quality of life go up which I desperately need right now. Thank you SGN. And thank you John.

  • Samantha Sanderson
    Samantha Sanderson

    I hope their home coming was absolutely amazing!!

  • Samantha Sanderson
    Samantha Sanderson

    I love it so much!! Please don't stop doing this!!!

  • KT Mansfield
    KT Mansfield

    Oh, the look of joy on her face is the best part!

  • Lauren Sampson
    Lauren Sampson

    I just watched this episode again and I'm just so sad the series is ending. I'm not ready for this show to end because it has brought me and so many people all over the world so much joy and hope and we still need that in our lives! I love you, John Krasinski, and always have, so it's going to be tough getting through this isolation without you. If there's any way you can reconsider and continue creating new shows, I know people everywhere will rejoice. Love you!

  • Single4 Ever17
    Single4 Ever17

    How much did he sell it for? Does anyone know?

    • Brendan Adams
      Brendan Adams

      It was an undisclosed amount, so we’ll probably never know. But there was apparently a pretty big bidding war between companies over it, so he probably got a couple million for it.

  • Simply_Manat

    She’s not a real fan she would of been singing and doing the whole choreography with them if she was pffff

  • Watcher I
    Watcher I


  • kellye nicol
    kellye nicol

    One of my favorite parts about the intro is how he spins the globe the wrong way. ABC news had the same kind of graphic years ago and also spun it the wrong way for many years.... his humor is great on so many levels! Keep bringing the goodness!

  • Jenny Zheng
    Jenny Zheng

    Thank you John for 8 incredible episodes

  • Kerri O'Bryan
    Kerri O'Bryan

    Can you do a show on the high school sports teams that couldn’t have the play off game. My husband is an assistant coach for the basketball team. He is also the school board president and the administrator of a home care company. His life is stressful and basketball was a joy and a relief to his job. This year the team beat the number one ranked team in ny state for our schools class. Their was a shot at the title.

  • Cindy Rephin
    Cindy Rephin

    SGN can also mean some gratitude now :) Thanks so much for these 8 weeks of joyful moments and inspiration and for sharing such a big piece of yourself with all of us!

  • Samantha Sanderson
    Samantha Sanderson

    I love this so much!!! Please don't stop!!! This truly made my heart happy, and that song was incredible!!